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Welcome to theWilliams Uchemba Foundation

The Williams Uchemba Foundation (WUF) is a non-profit organization and a leading voice for
social development and fighting extreme poverty in underserved communities across Nigeria.
Our objective is to empower children, young people, women and men with opportunities for
decent living through social welfare, literacy, poverty eradication, community development and
job creation.
We believe that everyone has a role to play and can be a part of change. We believe in the
power of partnerships for social development.
The WUF was founded by African Actor & Philanthropist, Williams Uchembah as a representation
of his personal commitment to creating a better life for people. Now the foundation has grown
into a community of socially responsible and passionate people, volunteers and partners who
are committed to social transformation and making a change for others.
We are a platform for collective action for change


Since inception in 2018, The WUF has actively reached over 2,000 people living in slums with food
stuff, scholarships, relief materials, business seed funds, and free housing away from the slums. In
the next 5 years, our target is to transform the lives of over 5million people in 100,000+
communities across Nigeria.


Our community members and partners come from every walk of life; entertainers, artists,
activists, faith and business leaders, students and scientists and are crucial to the work we do at
the WUF.

They take action day in, day out by supporting the work we do in organizing,
mobilizing, educating, and sponsoring so that people will have the chance not just to survive,
but to thrive.


1. SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT: We prioritize social welfare programs that help underserved families
improve their quality of daily life; from basic needs like food and clothing to providing better
shelter/housing and access to funds for education and basic healthcare.

2. SOCIAL ENTERPRISE: We also move on to more sustainable initiatives that help empower
people with opportunities to create wealth; decent work, business/entrepreneurship, training,
grants/seed funding for businesses.


We believe that the solution to extreme poverty is not a one-off charity activity, it is about giving TOGETHER as a people.

So, we offer a platform for collaborative action, creating partnerships
and seek funding that provides opportunities for entrepreneurship and job creation in
developing communities.


Working towards a better life for All - TOGETHER


Create opportunities that empower people. Inspire people to action. Make a change in the poorest communities around us.


Care: We are pro-underserved communities and the most vulnerable because we care.

Transparency: We value objectivity, integrity, professionalism and openness. The network’s overall strategic direction and broad line of activities is determined by its members and is independent of the funding sources. When public money is the principle source of income this does not compromise the network’s ability to be critical towards government policy and programs

Inclusiveness: We recognize the powerful role played by local communities in times of crisis and in development. We want to ensure that the muted voices are heard, resources are fairly sharedand partnerships are equitable and dignified.

Sustainability: This is not just a project; this is a commitment for a better future.

Partnership: We work in partnership with individuals, private organizations and the public sector to achieve all our goals and results.


The W.U Foundation works to pioneer and support programs across 36 states in Nigeria. Our network currently spans across 6 states in Nigeria with our operating headquarters in Lagos.


At the WUF we see every underserved community or family as an opportunity to make a difference.

● We create awareness about their needs in our communities and to our partners 
● We look out for the most vulnerable
● We mobilize efforts towards strategic solutions to these problems
● We get down to the deepest and dirtiest part of these communities to make a change.
● We look out for the most vulnerable


Today we are working to achieve five Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) within our
communities which include

Poverty (SD1)

Alleviating poverty is the major way to lift a nation up

End hunger (SDG2)

Sufficient supply of food to the local community

Quality education (SDG4)

with quality education the country develops faster

Decent work & economic growth (SDG8)

A safety network lets your donations and funds guarantee a safe way network and public

Partnership for the goals (SDG17)

Quality eduction

Volunteer Positions Available


Staff and volunteers across 16 countries


Of our staff in these countries are local


Invested in all our programs last year 2019


Invested in all our programs last year 2019

Committed to Transparency

84% of our total operating expenses fund programs for children in the countries we serve. So when you make a monthly gift or donation to our organization, the majority of your dollars go toward exactly what you intended – supporting children in poverty.
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