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Give a future full
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The journey to end poverty for good begins with a child.

Growing up in poverty, children face tough challenges: hunger and malnutrition, limited access to education and medical services, social discrimination and isolation. But with support from people like you, we can help children get the health care, education, life skills, job-readiness training and confidence they need to create lasting change in their lives and communities.Together, we can end poverty for good.

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Growing up in poverty, children face tough challenges

Global Health

High-quality healthcare and prevention services


Ensuring everyone has access to human rights

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Market-based solutions to fight global poverty


Whether you’re able to invest time or money, everyone has a role to play in addressing extreme
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The Williams Uchemba Foundation (WUF) is a non-profit organization and a leading voice for social development and fighting extreme poverty in underserved communities across Nigeria.

Our objective is to empower children, young people, women and men with opportunities for
decent living through social welfare, literacy, poverty eradication, community development and
job creation.


1. SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT: We prioritize social welfare programs that help underserved families
improve their quality of daily life; from basic needs like food and clothing to providing better
shelter/housing and access to funds for education and basic healthcare.

2. SOCIAL ENTERPRISE: We also move on to more sustainable initiatives that help empower
people with opportunities to create wealth; decent work, business/entrepreneurship, training,
grants/seed funding for businesses.

Our Programs

It’s our mission to help people reduce their poverty by a huge number of helpful campaigns to make it essential.

Fight Poverty
Programs & Services

Provides nutritious food, wholesome food, funds, and vocational training to people suffering from lack of it.

Family & Community

Support to families, children, young people, volunteers, refugees, migrants and other individuals with special circumstances.


Keep children getting a good education, including tutoring programs, scholarships, learning spaces, computer training.
How we help.

Give a future full
of choices

Every child deserves a healthy start

Provide FREE services to check healthcare and prescribe basic resources like food and medical. 

They do medication and refer patients to a program just as they do any other specialty and improve health to people who are seeking medical care. 


Today we are working to achieve five Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) within our
communities which include

Poverty (SD1)

Alleviating poverty is the major way to lift a nation up

End hunger (SDG2)

Sufficient supply of food to the local community

Quality education (SDG4)

with quality education the country develops faster

Decent work & economic growth (SDG8)

A safety network lets your donations and funds guarantee a safe way network and public

Partnership for the goals (SDG17)

Quality eduction

Key Programs and Strategies

The Foundation’s primary focus is bringing opportunity for a better life to people living in extreme
poverty. To achieve this objective, we concentrate efforts and resources on the areas of most
importance; Education, Hunger, Housing & Decent work/empowerment.

The WUF Empowerment Fund

This is aimed at equipping men and young people in the community with skills and opportunities necessary for jobs, economic self‐sufficiency and independence. Strategy: - Provide skill development trainings - Partner with people and organizations to provide funding opportunities for business support. - Collaborate with government to design and deploy employment schemes for local people.

The WUF Scholarship Project

This is majorly targeted at the kids and teenagers in underserved communities to increase the number of smart kids from low-income homes in schools and give them an opportunity to make a change in their families and communities in the future. Strategy: - Support schools and programs that improve student development and reward achievement. - Connect existing Foundation scholarship programs and interested current and future donors with this work.

Slum Rescue Project

This project will help relocate families living in the slums and provide a safe and healthy environment for living. Strategy; - Increase the availability of emergency shelter. - Seek to renovate housing conditions where possible. - Lead with building apartments to end homelessness in communities and drive affordable housing.

Food Drive/Hunger project

The Hunger Project will work at the heart of the problem which is building self-reliance at the grassroots level so people can provide their most basic need- food. This objective will provide food materials to families and opportunities for women to learn trade and become key change agents for their families. Strategy: - Engage and partner with gender focused organizations to deliver awareness and necessary training. - Deploy initiatives that p

Key Programs and Strategies

The Foundation’s primary focus is bringing opportunity for a better life to people living in extreme
poverty. To achieve this objective, we concentrate efforts and resources on the areas of most
importance; Education, Hunger, Housing & Decent work/empowerment.

Committed to Transparency

84% of our total operating expenses fund programs for children in the countries we serve. So when you make a monthly gift or donation to our organization, the majority of your dollars go toward exactly what you intended – supporting children in poverty.
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